The terrace & café are both located on the roof of the house. Traditionally the place where Egyptians keep their chickens and goats, it is now a quiet and pleasant area, decorated with colourful handmade tiles and old pottery. Every corner of the terrace is filled with carved wooden furniture. All the chairs and sofas are covered in Egyptian cotton with Coptic and Islamic motifs, hand-woven in a nearby village.

This is the place to start your visit to Sofra. Enjoy one of the typical Egyptian drinks, such as spiced Arabic coffee, tea with fresh mint and many natural tisanes, for example Karkade, the bright-red hibiscus tea, or Sahlab, an extract from the tubers of orchids with milk and nuts.

Relax and try a shisha in your favourite flavour, a typical oriental experience.

Food is served on the terrace as well as in the charming dining rooms and the main salon on the ground floor.